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Rules for the preparation of posters for the BDAS`19 Conference 

Poster sessions usually take place in the afternoon or in the evening. Poster presenters are asked to place their posters in a designated place in the morning (preferably after breakfast) the day on which the poster session is held or after lunch, on the first day of the conference. This will allow other participants to familiarize with contents of the posters during coffee breaks between plenary sessions.

During poster sessions, the authors are kindly requested to present their posters and be ready to discuss their research with interested parties. We do not expect any formal presentations at the time of poster sessions. Due to the size of the poster panels, at which posters will be placed, the size of the poster should not exceed 60 cm (width) x 84 cm (height). Authors have freedom in designing their posters. However, we kindly ask authors to place the BDAS conference logo which will be available in the Resource section at:

In our opinion, one of the best choice to prepare the poster is MS PowerPoint. Here are some arguments for the choice:

  • most of you know this tool and had prepared presentations with the use of it
  • most of you have this tool
  • the tool is compatible with other programs in MS Office package
  • prepared PPTx presentations can be easily converted into a poster and printed
Other examples of programs that you can also use: Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, PageMaker, Freelance, Corel Presentations, FreeHand, Publisher.

A few tips for poster preparation:

  • To set the size of the poster in MS PowerPoint choose the menu File/Page Setup
  • Fonts should not be too small, preferred font type is Times New Roman 18pt
  • You should take care of the quality of illustrations, they should be at least 150 dpi
  • It is the easiest to read dark fonts on a light background
  • Posters should be created in such a way that the interested person should understand its content without assistance of the author of the poster!
Rules for the preparation of plenary presentations for the BDAS`19 Conference

Plenary speech takes about 15 minutes + 5 minutes for discussion = 20 min (presentation in MS PowerPoint 2007/2010 or PDF). Other information will be available soon...




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